Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby is 14 months old very active and achieved all milestones on time and responds well too but doesn't speak much word.. please ladies and expert guide.. is it normal... I keep​ talking to him but she speaks randomly ..

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Answer: It's just fine if they don't talk early.. as long as they are active and healthy.. have patience within sometime ur lil muckhin with start blabbering and up love it
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Question: My daughter is not talking she normally say mummy papa she knows all very but but can't speak proper word what Dan I do
Answer: Hi desr,do you mean to say that since few days the baby us not speaking .or that the baby is not able to speak wirds like mummy Papa,. If the baby us not able to say simple words it is finding difficulty in speaking then ideally you should meet soeech therapist who can help you by giving you tricks.
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Question: Hi, my baby's birth wt was 2.7 kgs, she was fine until 6 months but she is not gaining much weight. At 9 months she is 6.5 kgs. Is she underweight? She is very active and reaching all her milestones.
Answer: Hi dear, By 9 months your baby should have been atleast 8 kgs.Baby weight is directly proportional to the healthy food.at times baby looks leaner but weight wise seems fine.every baby has its own pace of growth.as a mother you need to keep giving baby,healthy food options,and avoid any sugary food,or refined foods.give plenty of veggies ,fruits,daal,rice,if you are non vegetarian,can even give eggs, chicken soups etc.healthy carbohydrates would help in gaining more weight for your baby.idli,dosa,Dalia,oats are some good options.dairy like milk,curd,paneer ,cheeze ,dry fruits etc would also help in gaining weight.alao.make sure baby is not force fed.remember baby needs to be active rather than obese.healthy weight and overweight needs to be cleared.you want a healthy weight in your baby ,never try hard to make your child fat.
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Question: Hi, my baby is 1yr and 2months old. He has not started talking a single word. We are trying to encourage him but he doesn't respond.
Answer: Stop worrying mam check if he can hear u properly or not some kids take time coz same problem i have also faced and what i felt we compare our kids with other kids and feels insecured and few people also make us worry and comment us like abhi tak nahi bola Show to the doc kuch problem to nahi na blah blah blah mix him up with same age group kids He is just 1.2 years my daughter started talking when she was 3 years pl take care and b posiive
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