7 months old baby

Question: My baby is 7 months old. Today evening I have observed black color on tongue. WT cud b reason

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Answer: Hello dear It might be fungal infection. It is caused by an overgrowth of normal yeast. There is nothing to worry as it will go away. The best option is to get some oral thrush treatment from ur doctor and apply as directed.
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Question: My baby tongue was black color wt is the reason
Answer: Debris, bacteria or other organisms can collect on the papillae and result in discoloration. Although the cause of black hairy tongue can't always be determined, possible causes or contributing factors include: Changes in the normal bacteria or yeast content of the mouth after antibiotic use. Poor oral hygiene. Medications like Pepto-Bismol, or other drugs that have bismuth as an ingredient, can cause a black discoloration or staining on your tongue for a few days. ... It occurs when bismuth combines with sulfur, which can sometimes be found in trace amounts in our saliva, forming bismuth sulfide. pls consult ur pediatrician soon..
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Question: my baby is 3 months old. .. he has black spot on his tongue. ..is it normal?
Answer: yes it is seen in few babies .. initially when they are born .. the spots on tongue is common you need not worry about .. it will progressively reduce in the upcoming months ... it will reduce naturally and u need not take any home remedies for it it is natural and it will go of natural .. even my son had said such spots when he was born now he is 7 months old and there is no trace of such spots on this tongue now.. Dont worry
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Question: my Milk is looking watery? WT cud b d reason?
Answer: Hii foremilk(starting flow of milk) is always watery and thin. After 10 mins or so u startted supplying hindmilk which is thik .so this is the difference.u must be checking foremilk.
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