5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 months old, still she doesn't sleep at night. She stays awake for almost 8 hrs straight...I feel very tired now inspite of sleeping during day..how to change sleep timings..

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Answer: Amar bachhar 6months 28day (twin)..Oder khub ghum kom....Jodi kono upai bolen Valo hoi
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Question: My baby is almost 7 months now but still sleeps during the day... How do I change her sleeping pattern such that she sleeps at night?
Answer: During day time engage baby in various activity and plays this will help in reducing his day naps.
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Question: my baby is 2 months old...she stays awake at night nd sleeps at day...how.should I change her sleeping pattern?
Answer: Be patient dear. Till 12 months you will see frequent changes in your baby's sleeping patterns. they wake up multiple times. cry again and then again sleep. It will last at least till 12 months. It will be fine. Don't worry. IF you want baby to sleep at night you can simple things like massage and warm water bath before sleeping, swtch off lights and avoid noise
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Question: My baby is not sleeping properly in night. She sleeps at 9 pm and then wakes up at 1 am in night and then stays awake till 5 am. Sometimes she plays sometimes she cries but she dont sleep. During day time she is sleeping for 8-9 hrs in 2-3 naps.Is it normal?
Answer: Yes its normal it takes time for sum baby to understand day n night
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