5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months old. Since yesterday she is crying for around 10-15 min just before she is sleepy (during day as well as night) , after taking her in arms n walking n rocking for around 15 min she calms down. Why does she cries?

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Answer: Sometimes babies cry as they have to get it out of their system, and every single phenomenon like, hunger, sleep, Potty is a huge change for their bodies, so it's OK when they cry.. Sometimes it calms them down too..
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Question: my baby has started taking solids but she cries for feed too much . day time sye calms down but at night she cries alot until and unlesa she doesn't get feed she won't stop crying . what should i do for this that she may calm down at night as well .
Answer: Hi. you have just started solid for your baby and it is very difficult for the babies to adjust themselves from transition of breastfeeding to solids. you have to give breastfeeding frequently to the baby even though you have started solids. the small quantity of solid that they take will not be enough for their growth and they demand breastmilk. there's nothing wrong in feeding her at night and in the daytime. give her a proper dinner at night so she feels full and sleeps at least for 5 to 6 hours continuously.
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Question: My daughter three month old ..day time she keep on crying wen she feel sleepy ....she cries for 10 to 15 minute...why does she do so ?
Answer: Hii dear u need to make the atmosphere confortable. Baby so feel sleepy and they get irritated due to somethg surrounding. So try to keep the room temp. Comfortable as well hold ur baby in ur lap. U can also try to feed ur baby.that is the best way to make ur baby sleep. I always used to do it as my baby was also short tempered 😊
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Question: my baby has started taking solids but she cries for the feed in day and at night also day time she calms down but at night she doesn't what should i do ??
Answer: Hi.. you have to continue breastfeeding even if you have started solids. this is the initial phase so it will take time for the babies for the transition from breastmilk to completely solids. you have to give 3 solid meals in a day accompanied with the breastmilk when ever needed .
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