5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 months 3day old.she sweat's a lot. Is that ok.

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Answer: Hi dear it is absolutely fine for babies to sweat a lot it is normal since babies are only on milk and it creates a lot of heat in the body please make baby where light cotton cloth and keep wiping off the sweat .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My 5 months old baby Sweat's a lot from bare foot always.why it happens?
Answer: Hello dear. Hello dear. It is not necessary but yes it is optional. Personally for me to explain it all in detail here would be tough. I would suggesg you to talk to ur gynae to understand if you need it. What my gynae explained to me was Umbilical cord blood can save lives. Cord blood is rich in stem cells that can morph into all sorts of blood cells, which can be used to treat diseases that harm the blood and immune system, such as leukemia and certain cancers, sickle-cell anemia, and some metabolic disorders. Hope it helps.
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Question: My son sweat's a lot only in head portion y is it so
Answer: sweating is a normal process, which may last until baby is about four years old. Sweating on the head, especially during sleep, is very common in children. Sweating in the palms and soles is also common. Newborn babies are not able to regulate their body temperature like adults. Besides this, some babies naturally sweat more than others, just like adults. Avoid Overheating. Avoid Overdressing.
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Question: my baby girl sweat's a lot while sleeping specially head' fore head and nose .. is it normal?
Answer: hello.. dear.. this is normal dont worry.. make sure you will baby drinks enough water in a day.. wear loose and comfortable clothes according to weather..also make sure you wipe the sweating with clean and soft towel..as they grew older they make become more stable..
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