4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months old. she keeps on chewing her fingers all the time or something that is near to her

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Question: My daughter is 4 months today. She keeps chewing her fingers. Is that a sign of teething? How can i help her?
Answer: 1 Drooling: Teething tends to stimulate drooling in babies. This is your first sign. 2 Swollen Gums: If you happen to observe red, inflamed gums, this could mean that your baby is teething. 3 Slight Visibility of a tooth in the Gums: A faint white-ish mass below your baby’s gum is a good indicator that he is teething. 4 Fussy at Bedtime: Yes, teething can keep your baby up all night. 5 Ready to Chew: When babies begin teething, they are ready to chew on anything they can lay their hands on. 6 Eating Problems: The discomfort they experience during teething can make them refuse food too. 7 Crying: The discomfort of teething is unbearable for kids and makes them cry frequently. 8 Coughing: Some babies tend to cough mildly when they are teething. 9 Fever: Some babies tend to run a fever when they are teething. Ways to help teething baby: Rub a clean finger along the baby’s gums. This will help soothe the pain. Use a cold cloth to rub the gum. You can even use a cold spoon to soothe the gums. Drooling can cause skin rashes and irritation. Make sure you have a cloth handy to clean the drool, thus preventing irritation. Give frozen banana, cool cucumber to chew. Offer teethers
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Question: My baby is 4 n half months n I guess she is hving teething phase on. So please suggest how to handle it because she keeps chewing her fingers all the time.
Answer: Hello, Dear teething process is really slow and painful process for baby so it's very important to be very calm because baby can be cranky during this time. So to ease the pain of baby you can give him a tether that would be best thing that you can to your baby while teething. Massage baby's head with light and soft hands because during teething babies head gets very heavy and painful so pressing it with soft and light hands will give your baby a little bit of relief from the pain. Cold teether is the best thing for baby. it will be soothing for baby . so just do the simple thing that put the teether in the fridge for some time before giving it to baby. don't let it get very cold because then in it can cause cold and cough to your baby. so just a minimal and light cold teether will help baby get a relief from sore gums. you have to take extra care of baby I know it can be very irritating for you because baby gets very cranky during teething but that is a milestone for baby so take very very good care of a baby I know you already must be taking good care. Love and hugs For The Little Champ...
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Question: My baby keeps sucking her two fingers all the time. How shall i help her to get rid of this habit. Is pacifier or soother the alternative????
Answer: Pacifier is an alternative if you are not against it. However it's much better to suck pacifier than to chew fingers.
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