14 months old baby

Question: My baby is 14 months old. She is scared of walking.. She is walking by holding my hands... What should I do to overcome her fear.. Please let me know.

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Answer: hi this is just if you don't worry you should help your baby hold hands increase the baby while walking try and leave the hand for one or two minutes without making the baby realise it when the baby will get that confidence of working without Holi and baby will start doing it also there's nothing to worry about it
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    Meenu Mishra26 days ago

    Thanku.. I tried all but some few days ago she was trying.. But now she is so scared even she don't stand properly... I m worry. What will I do.. I don't understand

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Question: my baby is 14 months old she still not walking what should i do to increase strenght in her legs
Answer: Hi. Do not worry as some babies take bit longer to walk on their own without support. At every stage, right from helping baby to sit and then to help him to crawl or helping him in standing, you are encouraging your little one to walk. Once baby learns to stands, let her walk in front of you while you hold her hands—and as you notice improvement, let go of one hand so that she can learn to balance. Or stand a few feet away from her and ask her to come to you. Clapping and praising the baby will encourage the baby to take more steps. It will be gradual and slow but soon she will be managing it on her own.
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Question: Hi everyone..my baby is 11 months old..she is walking by holding the furniture..but she cant stand independently..when she will stand by herself..if i try to make her walk a bit by holding her hands she refuses always..i heard that most of the babies are walking when they are 1 year old...im so worried..she s perfectly normal and very energetic..i feel that she doesn't got that power in her legs..what should i do ..
Answer: Maybe it s a false pain..but u must check with your gynecologist.. don't wait for ur due date.. delivery can happen at any time after 37 weeks..pls go and check u might be dilating
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Question: My baby is almost 11 months she is walking from 9th month now she is walking perfectly without fear but the problm is she is keeping her legs far and some cross what should i do please help me
Answer: Dear baby takes time to become confident enough and walk properly. Ur baby walked really early which is a good sign. I would suggest you to wait and let her walk as much as possible and gradually the legs would be at the rightt place. They just need more and more practice. Hope it helps.
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