8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 9 months old she is refusing to eat the food and always vomit whenever I feed her

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Answer: Hi dear dear You have to try different variety of food and when baby refuses food try giving the same food after 2 or 3 days avoid outside food,oily food, stick to home food and add vegetables and dal to rice cook well smash it add ghee you should have patience while feeding your baby add one egg to her diet every day include cheese,paneer,butter,sweet potato don't worry baby will be start eating soon and don't expect you baby to eat alot of food at once give him 5 small meals a day including fruits and juiced.hope this help
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Question: My baby is 4 months 14 days, from 3 days she doesn't want to breastfeed whenever I tried to feed her she always refuse to feed and cried too much, may i know the reason, and is there any remedies
Answer: Aap side change krke try kro ya fir position means lie down or sitting, or evil eyes ka effect bhi bolte hai kbhi kbhi to nazar utrva lijiy while feeding.aap apni baby ko feed karvaye and anpe kisi relative ko bole chai patti 7 baar clockwise ghuma ke baby or breast se pani me daal de.
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Question: May baby is three months old and she poops every time whenever i feed her
Answer: I can understand how difficult it must be for both of you.Its due to gas. Gas formation is common in babies as their digestive system is weak. Take care of your diet as food which causes indigestion and acidity to you can bring gas problems to baby. Take care of latching while feeding. Apply warm oil on babies tummy and massage, exercise babies legs as if baby is cycling, you drink lot of water especially before and after feeding.If baby cries due to pain, you need to consult doctor and start colicaid drops. As long as baby is active, taking feed well nothing to worry.Take care
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Question: My baby is 9 month old. She is refusing to take any food. She closed her lips whenever i try to feed. Please help.
Answer: Pls chk vid dctr my baby is doing same he hve mouth ulcers
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