2 years old baby

Question: My baby is 1year months old..she always suck her thumb please suggest me what to do..She always do susu poti in her blommer not tell me and not do when i make her to do please suggest me solution

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Question: Hii. My baby girl is 10 months and 16days old she sucks her left thumb always and even sleeping tym. What to do to stop her sucking thumb?
Answer: Hello! follow below steps to remove thumb sucking habit of baby. Don’t worry  Babies find thumb sucking comforting and after a certain age give up the habit on their own.  Distract her Distract her by engaging in some toy or activity. Using force will not help  Forcefully pulling thumb out of baby's mouth is likely to make her suck her thumb more often.  Use a substitute  Pacifier can be a good option on which the baby can suck instead of her own thumb.  Have patience  It takes time to get rid of a habit. Keep explaining to her why it's not a good habit. 
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Question: My baby always suck her left thumb... specially when she sleeps.....from this Habbit she can't eat nd feed properly plz suggest me what to do..
Answer: Use mittens to cover her hands it may make her leave the habit it worked for my child when she was three months old
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Question: my baby is always put his thumb in her month and suck..i m worried emogh...what to do...
Answer: It is normal dear don't worry most of the baby do this
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