4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months old.or teen din se usko hand foot mouth infection ho gaya hai..akise theek hoga any advice??

Answer: Hi dear, Hand foot and mouth disease is a viral infection.whichbis quite common among kids under 5 years old.kid can get this infection,as many times he's exposed to it,so no immunity against it is made. It is highly contagious,and only a proper hygiene can prevent it. Treatment: 1- keep the baby thoroughly hydrated,by breastfeeding / formula feeding/ water 2- keep feeding light and easy to digest foods like,rice kanji,rava kanji, khichidi,banana,idly etc 3- apply calamine lotion on the blisters 4- give paracetamol if fever comes 5-plenty of rest and cuddle Precautions: 1- always wash hands while holding the baby,as you could be the carrier of infection 2- donot take the kid outside ,as it might spread to other kids 3-donot force feed the baby,the appetite would be very down now There is no medication as such to treat it fast.it stays for a week or so .let th baby heal completly before letting her play with other kids.unfortunately there is no vaccination for it.this infection is in rise now a days.
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Question: Is there any home remedies for hand foot mouth infection for 3 yrs old?
Answer: Yes...take cumin seeds/jeera soak in water for 2/3 hrs...make paste and apply it on rashes...you can apply directly or u can even mix little coconut oil and apply ....apply for 3/4 days....foot mouth n Hand infection is viral infection so please clean baby thrice in a day once in a day bath .... towels bedsheets wash thoroughly... usually it goes of by itself or doc will prescribe allegretto medicine depends upon case to case.
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Question: My 11 months baby having Hand foot mouth infaction.
Answer: It is the kind of viral infection it is self limiting disease usually. Give paracetmol and plenty of fluids. You can apply mucopain gel for mouth ulcer Use calamine for hand and foot for rashes Take care of the nutrition Frequent hand washing is important for prevention of further infection spread, particularly before feeding, changing diaper. Its usually a mild disease, baby will recover over a period of 5-7 days.
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Question: Hi my baby is 11mnths he is hving foot mouth hand disease due to which he got boils on his hand foot and inside mouth any home remedies
Answer: Hand, foot and mouth disease is a viral infection.it is very courageous and very uncomfortable for kids.the incubation period of this disease is generally 3 to 6 days.it should well treated.follow the following home remedy....... 1.Hydrate your baby properly.give baby coconut water, herbal teas,electrolyte. 2.give him healthy but light foods.avoid acidic foods . Give him herbal teas. 3.put neem patta all over his bed, make sure you are not mixing baby's clothes, blankets etc with other clothes as it is courageous. 4 .boil need patta in water n make the water cool .give him a bath.neem patta is very good for all skin problems. 5.consult the doctor . hope your baby will recover soon.
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