3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 3 months old. On his stomach n back side small rashes are there. After taking bath itwill clearly visible and in evening time it wont .. please experts give me suggestions. I am worried

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Question: My baby is 13 months..he has got red rashes n small acne on his stomach..his cheeks are also red...is it because of weather changes
Answer: if baby is cranky and also having fever then see your pedeatrician tommorow morning erliest as it can be hand foot and mouth disease you will see an increase in rashes and also the pimples. but if there is no fever then this can be due to change in any recent clothing or new soap or lotion even starting or changing cow milk can cause allergy.
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Question: Hello .. my baby has ear problem ... He keeps moving his hands around his right ear .. n when i clean after his bath ... It stinks .. where as his left ear wont ... N few days back a small wax has come out from ear ... What should i do ... Any suggestions
Answer: Hi dear. It's better not to try anything at home. Don't clean your ear and don't take out wax. Wax protects ear infection dear. Take him to doctor and check. Your babys ear is very sensitive so don't try anything at home.
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Question: Hi all ...there was some marks on my body which was not visible before delivery but after that they are clearly visible ...plz suggest any lotion n cream or any remedy to make them less visible..
Answer: Hi, it is normal dear. Try to either apply potato juice or egg whites. Keep it for 10 mins and then wash it with plain water. Then apply olive oil. Also you can apply aloe Vera gel with vitamin e. That also helps.
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