4 months old baby

Question: my baby is 3.5 months old;on friday our 14th week vaccine,after injection in legs there was red spot around it,while we touch there,its like a stone, can someone tell me whats that and any home remedies

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Answer: Take ice cubes and rub on area injection and swelling is shown... Do it twice or theoce in day it goes away.. don't worry
Answer: Its paining for the baby,im really worried
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Question: Hii my lmp was 14 dec 2018. Last friday i had a small red spot in my underware. After that there is no spot or pain. I want to know if there is any issue. Im also not having any kind of pain and next day my pregnancy test was also positive.
Answer: hi dear ! there is no problem but then you will have to take some tablets so that spotting is not seen henceforth. either duphaston or susten can be given by your doctor . as these contain progesteron whihc helps to maintain the pregnancy and prevents miscarriage also . take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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Question: Can i feel my baby with my hand touch.. today i felt something hard like baby neary belly button after a while it disappeared i was surprised to feel it by my hand touch .. am 19.5 days pregnant n this is my frst pregnancy can any one tell me that will baby can move around u r belly above u r belly button
Answer: Yes you can feel. Now after each week baby movements will increase. You can get kicking sensation, rolling,stretching movements. Enjoy your pregnancy!
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Question: Bcg vaccine is given to my baby at 10th day. Now only i hav noticed that there is a small lump around the injection site. When we touch the spot no reaction from him that is its not painful i guess. Is it normal. Any of you have similiar experience.
Answer: Yup its normal... Same i jv experience with my baby.
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