4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months old now wat else can i give her..im oly breastfeeding her she is not gaining her weight

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Answer: Hie You should exclusively breast feed your baby for the first 6 months as your bante digestive system isht developed to digest abything else untill then Up till 5th month you need to breastfeed your baby every 2 hrs when awake and increase the interval to 4 hrs if your baby is sleeping not more than that you should feed your baby 7-9 times per day And in each session ensure you offer both your breast, offer the first and once it is empty offer the second so that your baby gets the fat rich hind milk as well which is necessary for weight gain
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Question: my baby is 2 years 4 months old she is not gaining weight now her weight is 9kilo 900 grams wat can i do for gain weight?
Answer: Hie Make sure your baby has age appropriate meals Offer full fat cows milk twice a day Add paneer, cheese, ghee to his diet Make sure your baby has 2 portion of fruits and vegetables everyday
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Question: Hi mams .. my baby is 7 months old now. What food can I give her.. she is not gaining her weight.. please help me in this
Answer: Hi dear, I am providing you the diet chart which i followed for my baby. It helped baby to be healthy as well. Monday Breast milk/formula milk Apple puree Nap time Vegetable soup Breast milk/formula milk Rice porridge Breast milk/formula milk before nap time Tuesday Carrot puree Any fruit puree cereal gruel Wednesday Rice porridge Sweet potato puree fruit puree Thursday Ragi porridge Mashed banana stewed apple Friday Stewed apple with cinnamon dal water suji kheer
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Question: My baby is 8 month old she is not gaining weight now she is 6.2kg oly. Guide me pls.
Answer: Hello dear Don't worry. Weight is just a number. If ur baby is eating properly and is active enough then u need not to worry. Make sure to feed everything to your baby do not leave any fruit or vegetable untouched just because you do not like the taste developing a taste for every food is important. Nutritious food such as spinach paratha as cheddar cheese and thick curd focus more on dairy products which help to gain weight.
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Question: My baby is not gaining Weight im breastfeeding him wat to do to gain weight
Answer: Hi dear, Right now your milk is the only source of nutrition for our baby.moreover the first 7 days baby would.loose all water weight.so you would find some loss of weight in baby ,which is normal.but baby should gain back the birth weight in next three weeks .and with in first three months baby must double the birth weight .frequent feeding especially every 2-3 hours in first month and then 3-4 hours in second month is must for healthy weight gain.you need to eat healthy so that baby gains faster.,you need to consume: 1-eat balanced diet including fresh vegetables and fruits 2- increase your diet by eating extra 500 calories in a day 3- include lot of proteins, especially from animal meat.like egg,chicken,mutton ,fish 4- drink plenty of water too Feed from one breast full,only then hind milk,which is the richest milk can be accessible to your baby.foremilk is thinner and only quenches thirst
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