7 months old baby

Question: My baby is 6.5 months old now.. Plz share home made cerelac recipe

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Answer: Hi! Home made cereal recipe; ***Ingredients @one*** Brown Rice-1 cup Ragi-1 cup Wheat-1 cup Jowar-1/2 cup Bajra-1/2 cup Green moong-1/2 cup Soyabeans-1/4 cup Kaala channa-1/4 cup ***Ingredients @two*** Peanuts-100 gms Almonds-100 gms Kaaju-100 gms Pistha-100 gms Preparation:: Step 1: wash and air dry/sun dry ingredients @ one on a cloth (seperately each). Step 2: once dried dry roast each item (seperately) on a low flame to get a light brown color/slight aroma. Step 3: dry roast ingredients@two on low flame. Step 4: grind each item in mixer to get a fine powder. (sieve to get fine powder and regrind if any granules left) Step 5: mix all together and store in an airtight container. Usage::: As and when you need it, take a little quantity, boil it with water, add ghee depending on your baby's taste. (Texture and quantity depending on your baby's age) Good luck!
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Question: Can anyone plz share the recipe for home made cerelac
Answer: Ragi 500gm cooking boiled rice 1kg fried gram dal 50gm green gram 200gms Whole wheat 200gms Badam 20 Cashew 20 Jeera 3 tbsp ajwain 2 tbsp soak ragi for 4 hrs after u wash n clean them.. Night make potli and make ragi to sprout...next day spread ragi on clean towel n let it dry completely... Dry roast all items in iron yok until crisp ... Add jeera n ajwain when u turn off d stove.. u can grind this in a mill n store ...take p 1 big spoon of ds poweer n add 50ml water...lwt it cook ..u can add water to adjust consistency.. add 2 to 3 drops ghee add salt or jaggery..Give lots of warm water in between food. And also give water throughout the day.
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Question: Hi.. my baby is 6 n half months old.. so please share me home made cerelac recipe? For my baby
Answer: Hi dear As your baby is 6 months completed you can start giving fruit puries like boil and smash apple and peel of skin and smash it into fine paste and feed it to baby like that bananas peel of thin skins and blacks seeds in banana and smash well and make it as puriee For meals you can dry fry 1 glass rice and 1/2 glass fried gram and 2 spoon jeera and grind into fine powder and save in air tight jar....take a spoon of that powder and add a pinch salt and 1 glass water and boil it in low flame.keep mixing and feed it warm to baby
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Question: Home made cerelac recipe plz?
Answer: Hello! Please avoid giving cerelac as the age of 14 months. Ideally the baby should now start with food that is being cooked at home minus the spice. Also introduce different vegetables, fruits to the baby and encourage the baby to eat. Avoid pureed food completely. Take care
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