17 months old baby

Question: My baby is 15 months old n he is passing stool in black colour..pls suggest

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Answer: hi dear! so black stool can be due to iron supplements . so if you are giving any iron supplements to the baby then its because of that. also some times a little blood in the stool can also cause this for this you will have to do a stool test for occult blood. take the reports to your consulting doctor and dont worry with some antibiotics it will be fine. take care dear.
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Question: Hellooo my baby is 7 months old. He is passing stool in dark grey colour somewhat black in colour . What does that mean. Is his health condition ok
Answer: Grey nd black colour of stool are normal .Sometime it happen because of cold ..
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Question: My baby is 5 months and 24 days old .His Stool is black in colour ,why? Pls tell
Answer: Hi , The main reason for the breast feeding baby stool is black color due to cracked and bleeding nipples of mother.. Black color indicates that the blood is digested .
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Question: Hiìiii mam my baby is 5 months old and he is passing stool in grey colour . Is that normal
Answer: green or yellow colour stool is normal dear. but grey or white is not at all normal. is he on formula milk or breast milk? contact doctor if you think it's not normal.
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