7 months old baby

Question: My baby is 7 months old. My mother tongue is marathi and my husband is marwadi our parents talk in respective language with baby and we talk in hindi with him. Are we creating so much confusion for baby to learn language. What approach should we follow.

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Answer: Dont worry. Your kid will rather catch up all the languages very easily. Plus your baby will have the opportunity to live two different cultures which will enhance his cultural ethnicity. 😊
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Question: Can you tell me that what are the normal activity of a 2 years old baby boy should do? Or how is there speaking pattern? How i learn him something about any book or story. Actually we are bengali.so in generally we i mean me and my husband use bengali to communicate.but we are shifted in mumbai last 3months.and here hindi and english are used to.so how I teach him hindi or english.because after few months he admited on pre nurssary school.pls help
Answer: Hello! Almost all children of 2 years know the words from 100 to 200. Some babies begin to speak 2 words, some begin to understand your point of view, and some people start addressing them by identifying people around them, such as mother, maternal uncle, father, grandfather etc. Talk to your child like you talk to others. Let them listen and understand all the things. Read the books with him and repeat the easy words with it again and again. Get him small tasks such as placing a plate, bringing a ball, etc. See if he understands your point or not. Let him play with the children of his age so that he can tell them what he wants during the game? Give the child some time, not all children and their environment are the same. Just keep in mind that more than that He will also understand your point of view and will also gradually tell you.
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Question: My baby boy have completed 20 months means 1yr 8 months but still he dont talk much means he used to explain nd talk in his language but cant talk in hindi. He speaks only some words i believe not more than 6-7 words. I m worried dat it may be a prb. In future or what i can do dat he will speak or talk. I started to talk with him so dat he can learn or talk. Still i m worried for him. Please suggest me what i can do more?
Answer: Hello Rushing the kids will not work as the more u force ur baby the more they ll hesitate due to the pressure. Children start talking or rather mouthing words by 14 to 18 months. Try playing rhyms with animal sounds so they can start mouthing the words or animal sounds start by encouraging them try dancing with rhyme and say the moo baa wuf with the rhymes the kids are very fast with imitating so they ll soon start imitating u in no time. Once he starts telling the sounds start with Johnny johnny or incy Vinci spider. So he can start with this again.
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Question: Hi I am a south Indian and my husband Maharashtrian, my kid is 9 months old ,he is learning to talk, I want my baby to learn both languages Marathi as well as malayalam.However my mom in law doesnt like the same and i land up speaking Marathi with my son.This is hurting me and I am depressed,could you please help me in this
Answer: Hello, as your baby is really young so at this time it's easier for kids to master in multiple languages and also it's really good that u r trying to make him learn both the languages, either you make your MIL understand the importance of it or when you take the baby to your hometown you can get hold of Malayalam as well
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Question: i want my baby to learn 2 languages (english and hindi) what can be done to teach her both or should i focus on one language then on other my baby is 6 month old
Answer: Hiii my baby is 2 years old but he cant speak till now ... He says some words like amma ammama mama .... But he is very active and he points each and everything he wants .... What should i do to speak my baby
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