Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby is 12 months old morning he ate idly afternoon I gave him rasam and egg yolk (boiled) night he ate rasam rice very little. Just now he was coughing and trying to vomiting but he didn't do. Wat might be the reason I am worried

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Answer: May be baby is having cold...during cold baby cant eat properly. Nd if thy eat also il vomit...
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Question: My baby is vomiting too much. He is not even giving time to burp him. Wat was reason. V also visited doctor he just gave biocodex powder
Answer: Hello! It could be possible that the baby is taking too much of air inside. If the baby is on breastmilk, then check the latching of the baby and if on bottle feed then check the holes of the nipple which should not be too big. Also try to burp the baby in between the feeds. This might not help to reduce the vomiting. Take care
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