Question: my baby is 6 months old is not doing poti from 4 days I mean giving her feeding and 2 times cerlac rice

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Question: My sister baby 6 months old.... Cerlac feeding is good
Answer: Hi Ya you can start solids for babies after 6 months..also you can give foods like fruit puries apple boiled and remove skin and smash,smashed banana(remove black seeds and thin skin),boiled and smashed carrots,sweet potatoes can be given.. Please do not try more than one variety a day as babies digestve system is not matuared yet..feed a type of food and wait for a day and observe is there any abnormalities or allergies is there..some babies have allergies with some foods so that you can avoid next time
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Question: My baby is 9m old and he was doing potty 3 to 4 times....i started rice wheat mix veg cerelac from 2 days ....what should i do
Answer: Hello! 3-4 times if not loose motions is nothing to worry. Just make sure that you give enough milk so that the baby is hydrated. Take care
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Question: My baby is not doing poti from last 4 days
Answer: Boil black dry grapes with water and give that water to ur baby (Only water).
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