7 months old baby

Question: my baby is 7 months old..is it ok to give him boiled egg

2 Answers
Answer: egg should not be given before 1 yr
Answer: no weight 1 year
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Question: My baby is 7 month old. May i give him boiled egg?
Answer: Hello dear Yes, you can give your baby eggs. You can scramble, poach, boil, or fry eggs for your baby, or share an omelette with him. See what your baby likes best.  You can also give your baby foods containing cooked egg, such as custard.  When you give egg to your baby for the first time, just give him a mouthful or two to be on the safe side. 
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Question: my baby is 7 months old. can i give boiled egg or paneer tp him
Answer: Please avoid any animal protein to the child until the age of one year Because iron from the egg is hard to absorb for the babies due to immature digestive system
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Question: Can i give half boiled egg to my 7 months old baby
Answer: No dear, at this time half boiled egg is not good better to give full boiled.
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