4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months old i had a ceasarian delivery nd i m feeding my baby too but why i m not losing weight plz suggest me nd how much time it will take to get back in shape???

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Answer: Dear any weight reduction should be done after 6 months after delivery only as ur body can become weak.... start in the 7th month... keep a strict diet... avoid sugar, no rice, less oily food... no fast food... drink mostly hot water.... n if u get time from your baby do exercises or yoga.... eat daliya instead of rice... have fresh juices... follow a time-wise diet... do not over eat.
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Question: How much time it will take to get previous body shape after delivery
Answer: It's all in your hands because if u care ur body u quickly get before shape
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Question: Hi after my delivery m losing so much weight....please suggest how to gain weight again
Answer: Hi dear,some women loose weight after pregnancy. And during bf.even I had lost around 10 kg. You should eat well like the way you use to eat during your pregnancy. You should keep yourself week hyderated Have ghee and butter Have more of carbs as they give instant energy and also helps to out on weight You can also have sabudana as it helps to gain weight and is rich in carbs. Have sweet potatoes,corn and rice Have milkshakes with extra cream If you can have non veg you should have eggs,low Mercury fish and lean meat This will help you
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Question: I had my 1st baby , 4 years plus back through ceasarian delivery , i am now 1 month pregnant . Can i have a normal delivery tgis time . Please guide .
Answer: Hi! There is no rule as such that one C-Section means the second one too has to be Csection. Please talk to your Doctor and sat that you want to try for vagial birth after C-Section, which is called VBAC too. The study says a lot of woman give natural birth through VBAC. Vbac should be attempted only if the previous pregnancy was c sectioned due to issue in baby. If the issue was with you like not dilated well, the Dr. will not recommend you try a vbac. Most Dr. recommend a 3 year gap between babies for the risk of scarring, it also depends on how well the previous c section was done and how clean the stitches are done. Consider all these factors and talk to a doctor who is supportive and knowledgeable on VBAC, If going for VBAC be active through the labor. Good luck either for VBAC or C-Sec.
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