4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months old I fell she is always hungry I just wanted to know how much and how many times we should feed in this age please suggest if she is on formula milk

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Answer: Let the baby decide her own diet. They drink as much they want to when they are hungry. And when they r full they won't take the feed. Just cz a baby puts every thing in her mouth doesn't mean they r hungry. It's their way of exploring things. Everything that comes in their hands goes in their mouth. If u feel she is hungry try giving her the feed. If she drinks let her drink as much as she wants. N if she doesn't that means she is full.
Answer: 900 ml to 1 liter minimum she should take in 24 hours..it depends on her weight too..my baby used to take 900ml
Answer: Formula milk pr sb clearly memtion hota hai
Answer: 120 ml after every 2,3 hours
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Question: Hi i want to know how many times should we feed a baby in a day n how much milk?
Answer: When baby wants at that time.we cannot calculate it
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Question: How many times we have to feed a 1 month child who is on formula milk
Answer: Hello! You can feed the baby with a gap of 2-3 hours. But again the appetite of babies differ. So, it also depends on baby to baby. Take care
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Question: My baby is on formula feed how much feed how many times aday is advisable
Answer: Hi Dear! Your 6 montha should be on demand feed means the frequency and the quanitity needs to be decided by the baby and meal shud be offered once in a day, 7-8 times in a day in fine and apart from that it depends on the baby hunger.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How much quality should give formula milk for 4 months baby girl ,how many times and time gape? Plz suggest
Answer: Hi dear you can feed baby formula milk 120-150ml after every 2-3hours gap or you can give feed on demand but the gap between each feed should not be more than 3 hour...
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