2 months old baby

Question: my baby is 3 months old.....he offenly stops his breath for 3 4 seconds while crying.... ND it's happening from 2nd day of birth

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Answer: Apnea is most common in babiesbecause their nervous system has not finished developing. The brain has a special area, called the respiratory center, which tells the lungs to take a breath on a regular basis. If this area is not mature, the baby may forget to breathe.
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    Rozz K989 days ago

    In fact even while sleeping or while taking feed he suddenly starts crying and stop breath for few seconds... Is this normal???

Answer: Hello dear it happens mostly with all babies. When they cry too much they hold their breath. Dont worry it will be fine after some times.
Answer: You should consult your doctor immediately. He will suggest you better.
Answer: Just check with your doctor.
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Question: hi... my baby offenly stops his breath for few seconds... don't know y
Answer: Yes that's normal.  Newborns tend to have weird breathing patterns, especially since their lungs and all have just started working on their own.  Bring it up with your doc of course, but it's pretty common.
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Question: My baby is 17 days old. From birth he makes some kind of noise through his throat and even stops breathing for some seconds. Am worried.
Answer: Hi dear congratulations hope you both are doing good. it's fine mommy every child makes some sound there is nothing to worry about this ... for breathing issue make sure to burp him well , after feed make him sleep on side and use pillow it will help in getting rid from this problem as baby choke if milk persist in throat so burping is very important. Tc
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Question: My baby is 3 month old, while crying he hold breath and won't remove his voice for few seconds. What can I do doctor. Give some solution
Answer: whenever your baby do this just take a baby and shoulder and keeping your baby's back but if your baby don't make any noise are you feel that you baby is breathless then you should give breathe through mouth but patting your baby is back and also rubbing your babies of arms and hands are better options.
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