16 months old baby

Question: My baby is 16 months old. He speaks only mama and Dada,nothing else. Is it normal. Further his right eye is watery when he wakes ip is there any remedy

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Answer: Hi dear, Absolutely normal.every baby is different and acheives milestone according to his pace.and it's also genetic.my husband in his childhood ,started speaking late ,around 3 years he stared to speak fluently.same thing happened with my daughter.niw she is 5 years old and speaks fluently.keep talking to your baby.the more you talk faster he will pick up.encourage baby to talk.avoid showing mobile or TV.it discourages talking.
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Question: My baby boy is 1tear 7 months old. but he speaks only Papa mama dada. he understands everything and follows all my instructions. Please advise what is the normal age.... baby starts talking.
Answer: Hello dear,  your toddler isn't using more than a few words, you may be concerned. It may be confusing because he may seem to hear, understand, and follow instructions despite not speaking much, and there are no other signs of delayed development. Every child is different. Please do not rush or worry, You can help your child speak: Talk more to your child. Get down at her level or pick her up. Listen what she is trying to say Repeat the words with your child. Read story books to the child, it helps in picking words. Show things around when you are outside, encourage her to speak. Hope it helped Take care ur little one...
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Question: My sister in laws baby is 16 month old but he eat only bananas whole day. Is that any problem if he eat only banana nothing Else.??
Answer: Definetly there will be a problem. Its necessary to make them eat all the foods from now itself else babies will not eat any new foods later more too much of anything is not good for health.so its mandatory to introduce all the foods to the baby from now itself
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Question: My baby boy is 11 month old he speaks only papa baba and nothing else what should i do. Is any thing worry about
Answer: Don't worry , some babies take time , my nephew started talking around 18 months . Talk to your baby more , keep telling him even small details you are doing , repeat words which you want him to learn multiple times , he will catchup soon
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