4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months old he is crying very much to pass the stool,he even not sleeping whole night what to do ? please advise me

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Answer: You start drink lots of water (8glasses atleast) & other fuilds. Fed your baby after every 2hours. His hunger must have increased than earlier now so increase his milk intake to 90 - 120ml. If still doesn't work then see a doctor immediately.
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Question: My baby is 14months old he is not sleeping almost whole night what can I do.
Answer: Hi dear, i can understand the need of sleeping through the night more for you than the baby. However some babies do not sleep through till they are almost 1.5 years or even 2 years . You may want to check if the baby is well fed and even has a schedule in the evening which is making the baby a little tired.. which means give the child some play time or let them do some movement so that once at night their tummy is full they have one round of sound sleep with just may be once getting up etc.. Also is it that the baby is cranky all through the night or just wakes up every now and then .. different children behave differently but dont worry once you have addressed the problem thats causing the child to be up all night , you would slowly see the baby sleep longer.
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Question: My baby is not sleeping whole night,she is sleeping day time only about 7to8hours, she is 3 months 6days old, what to do please help me
Answer: I don't worry if you baby is growing weight and active that is nothing to worry because some babies are more active and they sleep less try to give good massage to your baby before sleeping this will help the baby to sleep well for 3 to 4 hours at a stretch also see to it that before you put the baby to sleep you have completed the feed this will also have the baby to get good sleep
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Question: My baby is not sleeping whole day even in night he only sleeps in lap what is the reason
Answer: Hi probably baby is used to sleep in lap did you try cradle there are cradles where baby feels comfortable you can try it check if baby feeding is sufficient if baby has dry skin any pain if you find nothing show to doctor once do not worry some babies will not sleep my nephew is the same way he hardly sleeps but he has no issue
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