3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 3 months old. He is breast feeding but he is not satisfied with only breast feeding, so started formula milk. Now my question is can i start lactonic granules twice a day to boost milk supply?

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Answer: Hello dear... yes ,you can have lactonic granules,it is an ayurvedic supplement,can also have nutrious diet along with that will be effective in increasing breast milk supply
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Question: can i use shatavari granules 3 times a day for 6 months...i have low milk supply...also my baby prefers only right breast please help me out...
Answer: hi yes you can use Shatavari in your milk and drink it at least twice a day it will help to increase the breast milk production also it is important that you feed the baby from both the sides as we said the baby is taking the feed from only right side are you should check if the floor of the milk is good enough from the left side as well and if it is then it is important the baby should take the heat from the other side as well if the baby is not taking milk from the other side you should first first feed the baby from the left side and then go to the right otherwise vision express my milk from the left side first that postpone and then feed the milk from my side also if you are getting less milk production you should have a high protein rich diet you should have more of milk and Milk products you can have fennel seeds and garlic milk this will also increase the milk production
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Question: Is lactonic granules safe um breast feeding my baby but I dnt have enough milk
Answer: hello.. dear lactonic granules promotes the lactation..in that the main ingredient is Shatavari, a herb known for increasing milk supply. Other ingredients are also quite safe for both baby and mother.youu can also take foods like sweet potatoes, poppy seeds, garlic, spinach leaves to increase your milk production.
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Question: I breast feed my baby along with formula milk as the supply is less .. i m having lactonic granule powder twice a day. How can i know how much milk he is getting through my feed..
Answer: If u feed and the baby is peeing for a minimum of 6 to 8 times..
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