10 months old baby

Question: my baby is 10 months old. He has no teeth yet.

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Answer: Some babies will erupt teeth till 14 months. Wait for a while
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Question: My baby boy is 10 months old. Can you give me full diet chart? He has no teeth yet.
Answer: Hello Dear I'm sharing yu 10 months baby diet chart yu can feed yur baby according to it.You can offer your baby a variety of foods with different textures no teeth no problem yu can make semi solid form n feed him . Here are some healthy options you may like to try: *toast or hard-baked crusts of bread *peeled slices of fruits such as apple , pears (nashpati), musk melon (kharbuja), water melon (tarbooj) and mango *cooked vegetables such as carrot (gajar), cauliflower (gobhi), spinach (paalak), bottle gourd (lauki), apple gourd (tinda), broccoli (hari gobhi), and pumpkin (kaddu/sitaphal),grilled or baked sweet potatoes and yam *idlis or upma with added vegetables,mixed,vegetable uthapams dosa with vegetables dal or besan cheelas porridge (dalia)  sabudana khichdi   *paranthas with a variety of fillings such as cauliflower (gobhi), potatoes (aloo), fenugreek (methi) leaves, radish leaves (mooli), cottage cheese (paneer), minced soya and boiled/minced chicken or mutton *chapattis made from flour mixed with cooked dal creamy milkshakes and soups *macaroni or pasta in cheese or tomato sauce  rice with dal  *curd with vegetable pulao *chicken nuggets or baked chicken with soup chicken mince (keema) with chapati *Formula or breastmilk is still an important part of your baby's diet. If you feel your baby needs more fluids you could give her cooled, boiled water. You could also try healthy drinks such as fruit and vegetable juices as well as smoothies and milkshakes. You can give her milk based drinks such as milkshakes, almond (badaam) milk, smoothies, lassi or chhaach. If she doesn't like milk, give two portions of calcium-rich foods instead. It is not a good idea to give your child more than 400ml of milk a day. If you do, it may cut her appetite for solid foods that have other essential nutrients like iron and vitamins. Dear for more options tips treats recipe and ideas yu can check our home page. Hope it helps take care
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Question: My baby is 10 months old..no tooth out yet..when will he have his teeth ???
Answer: it's normal. My nephew didn't get his first tooth til he was a little over one. I remember reading that some babies are born with no teeth in their gums, and worrying that he'll never get teeth. Some babies are born with teeth and there are some that don't get their first tooth til they are at least a year old. If your baby falls anywhere in that range, they are perfectly normal. If they haven't got their first tooth by the time they are 18 months, you should take your child to your doctor to rule out any problems.
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Question: Baby has no teeth yet he is one year old
Answer: Hello! Don't worry teething can start anytime within 18 months of age. Also try giving calcium rich foods like diary products, almonds, oranges, broccoli. Take care
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Question: Please suggest me 10 month old baby food chat...he has no teeth yet..
Answer: Hi dear,You can give your baby the same food as the rest of the family after mashing it a bit or cutting it into small pieces to help your baby chew and digest it better. Also, be sure to watch over your child during meal and snack times to make sure they do not choke over any food. Three meals, as well as a snack, alongside formula or breast milk, are what an average 10-month-old baby needs each day. The meal and snack timings will depend on your baby’s daily routine as well as yours.u can include 1/2 cup of cereal ,fruits and veggies.3 table spoon dairy and 4 table spoon meat or other protein.And definately u can eat egg during this time but avoid to eat runny egg as it may cause an infection.
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