Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby is 11 months old he did not sleep without Gav my breast milk how to stop it..how u all making it baby sleep..

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Answer: I also give bm when he want to sleep bt sometimes I didn't give I hold on my shoulder n pamper him after few minutes he sleeps
Answer: hank youu
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Question: My baby is 7 month old .. But my breast milk supply is very less Tell me how to increase it
Answer: Hi dear, in your food use Dil leaves, drum sticks leaves. It will help in milk production. Also be calm and never take any tension,that also indirectly affect it. For me one of friend suggested about Beetle leaf,which they use in Paan. You can eat that in little amount. If you are a non-vegetarian then you can eat mutton. Hope it can help you dear
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Question: My 10 months boy baby tries to lick almost all surfaces, especially walls. Do all babies this age do it? If not How to make it stop?
Answer: Licking surfaces may be due to iron deficiency ..give him more iron rich foods.. And it's also common in that age ..kids use their tounge to know the objects ..it's very common Doctor suggestion must be taken .
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Question: How to increase breast milk supply?? Pls suggest now my son is 3 months old and I feel he is not getting enough milk which he required
Answer: Have lactonic powder by mixing into warm milk for two times a day. I am using it only. It produces more sufficient milk for baby.
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