5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4.5 months old &has got cough & cold. I am putting nasal drops & giving steam.But not much effective. Please help as he is very uncomfortable.

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Answer: Hi,usually it takes long for cough and cold to settle .you can however try these home remedies. Roast ajwain,4-5 pods if garlic,Ince roasted the it in the freshly washed and clean cloth and make a potli ..You should rub this in baby'chest and and back this will help to dissolve the phelgam accumulated in the chest. Keep vaporizer in the room with tulsi leaves when the baby sleeps so that the moisture helps the baby to breathe.and soften her congested chest and nose. Boil garlic cloves in mustard oil,cool it and give massage with it in baby's chest It also helps Your breast milk has antibodies which will help the baby to fight against the infection. This will surely help.tour baby dear Take care
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Question: I had cough and cold and now my baby has got cough and cold what to do? I am using nasal drops for the baby as of now
Answer: Hi dear For your cold and cough take some 1 glass milk boiled with a pinch turmeric powder and black pepper powder and honey for taste at before bed...turmeric,honey are natural anibiotics which helps to cure any throat problems.. For baby do not give nasal drops as its just 2 months without paeatricians advice..instead take 2 spoon coconut oil and heat it low flame add 1 camphor powdered and take a betal leaf and dip it in that oil and keep on babies cheast..it helps baby to relief from nasal conjustion and cold abd helps to sleep peacefully as its a natural vapourizer
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Question: My baby had got cold cough and fever I am giving kofarest drops and paracetamol please help me
Answer: Hello dear Following remedies u can try for cold, cough and fever : 1. Steam: Breathing moist air helps loosen the mucus in the nasal passages. 2. Lots of rest: When your child rests, he's healing, which is exactly what he needs to do. 3. Saline drops and bulb syringes : Using a bulb syringe works best for young babies, especially if a stuffy nose interferes with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. 4. Extra fluids:Drinking plenty of fluids prevents dehydration, thins your child's nasal secretions, and flushes them out. 5. a cool-mist humidifier will help loosen mucus
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Question: my 101 days old baby has cough and cold i m giving neb and nasal drops any home remedies
Answer: Ys vicks rub karo back p paro pe and cotton lgao usk sine pr koshish kro vo gile m n rhe turant kapde change kro raat m cap or full pack krk sulao bby ko.
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