3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 3 months old & face skin is dry .plz suggest

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Answer: Hi. Apply pure herbals ubtan on your baby when bathing, beside it dont use any soap to bath baby. Simply massage your baby with olive oil. This combination helps in making baby skin super soft.
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Question: My baby is months old day by day her skin getting dry suggest best soap and face cream
Answer: Hi dear If your baby skin is dry then please dont use soap.. Use body shampoo which softness the skin.. And everyday message with cold compressed coconut oil You can buy any baby moisturize base cream Whatever company you buy ,buy a small pack Use it and check it suits your baby or not Then buy a big file
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Question: MY skin is getting dry day by day I m 3 months pregnant plz suggest some
Answer: Hello Dear Your body is going through many harmonal changes when pregnant Dry, itchy skin, and chapped lips are common As the skin stretches during pregnancy, the skin barrier does not allows for more moisture to escape so it makes skin thinner and dryer. • Take cool or lukewarm baths to soothe the skin • Wear loose clothing • Use a good moisturizer •apply lip balm that moisturizes and soothes. • stay hydrated increase butter milk, coconut water, fruit juice in yur diet . Walk regularly it increase blood flow. .apply coconut oil or calamine lotion on itchy spots Take care
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Question: Hello..my 3 months baby girl suffering from dry face skin. Kindly tell me about it
Answer: Hello! It is common in babies to loose moisture very fast. Make sure you give a good massage with warm oil and keep applying moisturizer atleast 2-3 times a day. Also follow these tips for the dry skin in babies. But remember every babies is different, so what worked for one may not work for the other. So do a patch test before applying the remedy.  Breastmilk. - You can apply breast milk on th dry skin.  Coconut oil - Being light one skin,it is a good option during summer. Apply the oil on the skin of the baby.  Aloevera gel.- Choose fresh Aloevera rather than applying any bottled ones.  Take the gel on the palm and with the help of the fingers, apple it on the skin of the baby. Take care
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