7 months old baby

Question: My baby is 6 months old. Doctor gave mahaflox 5 ml eye drops. But in practo i have seen its good to use above one year. Is it ok use for my baby...

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Answer: hi dear! yes its safe to use it not a problem dear. so consider what your doctor is telling you . take care.
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Question: Can use eye drops for one month old baby
Answer: hi yes you can use but you can use only after consultation with your doctor please do not put any drops to the baby without doctors consultation
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Question: Which hairoil is good for one year old n above baby??
Answer: Hi dear i use coconut oil as it keep my baby hair nice and healthy .
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Question: my baby boy is of 14days....he has some yellowness in left eye...doc. gave eye drops...its OK..now..but I m worried abt it....is it possible that such small baby can have eye conjunctivitis???
Answer: hello.. dear yes there are the possibilities of any type of infection in newborn.. they develop infections very early due to their immature system.. but dont worry dear, the drops which doctor suggested can use that..so also you can use your breast milk for your babys eyes..
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