4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 3 months old can I have ice cream??

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Answer: Hi. Yes in small amount you sure can have ice cream. But have in little amount as it can cause cold to you.
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Question: Can i eat ice cream.. my baby is 3 months old
Answer: Hi! Yes you can have ice cream no problem have plain room temperature water just after finishing the ice cream it wil help in balancing the temp and lessen the chance of cold. Good luck!
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Question: My baby 3 months old Can I eat sizzling brownie ice cream..?
Answer: Hi dear, my doctor had informed me to eat everything after delivery.... So you can also eat everything... But its better to eat healthy food because our body becomes week after delivery and it requires a lot of nutritions... So you can eat ice-cream but eat it limited
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Question: my baby is 1.5mnth old: can I eat Ice cream?
Answer: Hello! Definitely you can have icecream. But make sure to have it in moderation and that too once in while. Icecream is high in sugar fills your tummy easily, so you don't feel hungry easily. During thistle time you need to have more nutritional food as you are recovering from children birth at the same time feeding your baby. So keep it as a once a while treat... Take care
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