5 months old baby

Question: my baby is 5 months old,can i gv cerelac

3 Answers
Answer: Wait till 6month. 6th month is the ideal time to start semi solid for your baby. As by then baby can sit on his own, has better coordination between his throat and tongue wch facilities easy gulping. His digestive system is also strong and can readily digest food items other than breastmilk.
Answer: Ask ur dr.. Chk the weight and height and craving fir food in babies.... Thr is no rule of 6 months
Answer: Wait for one more month..
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Question: My baby is 5 months old.. Can I feed cerelac
Answer: Yes u can .even I started it . first give only half spoon of cerelac..if digestion is good then proceed it..
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Question: My baby is 6 months old should I gv him vegetable puree daily along with cerelac
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. Here are a few foods that you can give your 6 month old: Breastmillk plus Rice Cereal. Oatmeal Cereal. Barley Cereal. Apricot Puree 6 to 8 months Apples. Avocado. Baked Apples. Dal water. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: My baby is 7 months 5 days old.. How many tyms can we gv him cerelac in a day?
Answer: Dear instead of cerlac give other food to baby. Home made food and fruits. You can feed baby in small quantities frequently like after every 1-2 hours..
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