5 months old baby

Question: my baby is 5 months old. Can I give cerelac in dilute form?

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Answer: Hello Dear, Before baby completes 6 months of age you are not supposed to give anything else than a breastfeed. In the early stages of a baby’s life, breast milk meets all of her nutrient needs. No other foods or fluids – including water – are necessary. (Breast milk itself is 88% water, which more than satisfies an infant’s thirst). U can Cerelac after your baby turn 6months old.You can dilute with warm water.
Answer: no. u can give fruits puree like banana, apple, avacado, pear, prunes etc and vegetables puree like carrot, potato, bottleguord, etc. dont give readymade foods
Answer: Hello ma'am , Before 6 month don't give any food to your baby. Only give them breast milk or formula milk . U can give cerelac after 6 month . Thanku
Answer: Yes..But these are plastic fibre..Try to focus on natural food... Banana...daliya..Suji...khichdi..Deal etc
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Question: Can I give cerelac to my 5 months old baby
Answer: Hii, till 6 months of age you should give your baby only milk , either breast milk or formula milk. From 6 month onwards you can start giving your baby Cerelac with other home cooked baby food. If your baby's weight is below than normal and you Dr allows you to give your baby Cerelac from 5 months then only you can start. First start with one teaspoon and gradually increase it to 1 tbsp and then 4 tbsp per feed. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 5 months 23 days old can I give cerelac to my baby
Answer: Hi. Instead of ready made cerelac prepare it at home. Here is the baby Cerelac/Cererial recipe ingredient quantity & preparation method.. Cerelac IngredientsQuantity(in grams) Wheat50 grams, Rice50 grams Toor Dal10 grams Moong Dal (Green)10 grams Moong Dal (Yellow)10 Grams Masoor Dal10 Grams Dried Peas10 Grams Chana Dal10 Grams Jeera1 Teaspoon  Step By Step Preparation Instructions Make Baby Cerelac At Home Take all the ingredients except chana dal and jeera, and wash them well rinsing till the water runs clear Let them dry in the sun for 2 to 3 days Fry the sun dried ingredients without oil one by one at first Dry roast the daals till they turn crispy and get a golden color to the grains Now also add the chana dal and jeera, dry roasting all ingredients for a few minutes Grind them all in a mixer into a fine powder. Store it in an air tight container. You can give this to baby from 6 month to 12 months of age.
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Question: Can i give cerelac in 5 months
Answer: Mothers are usually recommended to exclusively breastfeed for their baby’s first six months.  After six months, breastmilk alone doesn't provide your baby with enough nutrients, particularly iron, so you will need to gradually introduce other foods.  Waiting until six months to introduce your baby to solid food protects her health. It reduces the chance that she will develop allergies or pick up an infection from food. 
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