11 months old baby

Question: My baby is 10 months old. Can I give him raw egg in milk. He doesn't eat boiled egg.

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Answer: raw egg should not be given to baby . boil the egg . and feed baby with egg white only. it's good for baby .
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Question: My son is 10 months old,can i give raw quils egg in milk
Answer: Dnt do dear... Give boiled egg nd.. After baby had egg give warm water.. So baby won't get digestion problem
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Question: Hi... My baby is 10 months old... I just want to know that can i give him boiled egg
Answer: Hie You may introduce egg in your baby's diet post 7 months of age However give the yellow part only avoid egg whites untill your baby turns 1 year old As egg white may contain allergens that can be harmful for your baby Always ensure you offer well cooked egg to your baby whether it is whites or yolk as under cooked egg may carry bacteria that can be harmful to the baby
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Question: my baby is 7 months old. can i give boiled egg or paneer tp him
Answer: Please avoid any animal protein to the child until the age of one year Because iron from the egg is hard to absorb for the babies due to immature digestive system
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Question: Dr. mam my baby girl is 10 months and 20days in age. Can I give her boiled egg to eat?
Answer: Hieee, first you give her egg yolk and right after next 2 days, you give her the egg white. So that you will get to know if she is allergic to it
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