4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months old can I eat raggi mudde

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Answer: hi Ragi is good in Iron and Calcium therefore you can take Ragi during pregnancy but remember to take in moderation as sometimes in some cases Ragi can create constipation
Answer: hi Ragi is very good it helps to increase the iron levels and also calcium you can have Ragi but in moderation because at times Ragi can create little constipation
Answer: Yes dear. Ragi is very healthy and will increase baby growth and weight
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Question: my 8 months baby can eat raggi pedigree.pls how to prepare .
Answer: Wash the raagi n sun dry it.. later u can roast it a little n grind to fine powder... other way is to sprout the raagi by soaking it for 24 hrs n than tie it in a muslin cloth for a day n than sun dry it n roast it( roasting keeps the raagi fresh for more days)u can avoid this if grinding less. After this take water in a sauce pan and take raagi powder in a muslin cloth n mix it in the water using ur fingers n cook on low flame till it become glossy n shiny.
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Question: i have 4 months old baby can i eat banana
Answer: I have undergone c section and after 2 days my doctor asked me not to restrict on food.. I am having every single thing since that day and same time feeding my baby.. Till date she is fine. I am eating normal food as others
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Question: can i eat raggi and brown rice.
Answer: Hii yes u can have but do eat ragi in limited qty as it is warm in nature and already it's too hot climate. Ragi and brown rice are very good for health as they are very easy to digest .
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