18 months old baby

Question: My baby is 18 months old. But still he is not ready to stop breastfeeding. what to do?

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Answer: Kosis kro uska ek diet schedule bnane ki evry 2 h ke bad kuch do n n liquied juce ki aadat dalo jo usko aacha lge dhere dhere jaise din mai 2 tym leta h to ek tym kro ....n rat mai sone se pehle acche se khila kr sulao may be help kre maine aise hi kiya
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Question: Hi my baby is 18 months old...he is still breastfeeding I want to stop it..Pls suggest
Answer: Hello! Since you want to stop breastfeeding try to do it slowly and don't rush to it. Start with dropping one feed at a time. During those feed time engage your baby in play or go out to the park. Continue this for all feeds except the one during nap or at night. For those first take the day time naps. Take the baby on your lap, feed him and then tap him to sleep. Same thing you need to do for night feed but one by one. Initially the baby might be cranky or not willing to cooperate since they have a emotional bonding to it. But try to be patient and follow it, it will definitely work. Take care
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Question: Hi my baby is 25 months old. He not gaining weight still on breastfeeding. How to stop that?
Answer: Hi! Most babies are hard wired to breasts, initially it wil be difficult but wil be fine in the long run. But please be gentle,since your baby is alrdy 2 yrs old, he/she must have started talking or atleast understanding, hence; 1)Talk it out tell the baby that she is grown up now. 2)She has big teeth, she chew food now, drinking milk cause cavity in her teeth. 3) Read story books to distract. 4) Ask your husband to pitch in sometimes at bed times and make the baby sleep. 5) Try and drop feeding sessions ons by one. Try these to wean the baby gently. All the best!
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Question: My baby is 3 years old but still breastfeeding. Whats the right age to stop breastfeeding..??
Answer: Hi dear,it is imp to bf your baby till one year after that it is your choice .as then as the baby becomes bug and we can give him solid foods that helps to provide necessary nuteients to the baby. So it depends on your choice
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