6 months old baby

Question: My baby is 6 months old but still be can't sleep during nights...

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Answer: Hi.. It happens with few babies. There are all sorts of reasons why your baby is not able to sleep, She may need a feed, she may want your comfort and reassurance during the night, or she may benefit from a more consistent bedtime routine to help her settle. Teething can also upset your baby's routine and sleep patterns. However, try doing almond oil massage, before making the baby sleep. It might work. This will improve gradually, be patient.
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Question: My baby is almost 6 months but still she can't sit , what is the reason?
Answer: Hi.. it is completely normal. Every baby is different. My son started sitting in his 7th month. Started walking when he is 14 months. Keep training your baby. Make her sit with your support. But don't strain her at all. Once she understands this position and is confident, she herself will start exploring. Hope this helps.
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Question: my baby is 6 months 11 days but still can't sit unassisted.. is that normal????
Answer: Every child has a different growth curve. Few achieve their milestones before whereas few reach there a little late. Once your baby will be confidently start sitting , crawling will come naturally. Meanwhile you can help your baby to sit and crawl by giving him ample of floor time. Don't keep your baby snuggled up in rockers, chairs, stroller etc for long hours, this way he ll be more dependant on them rather than on himself. Keep objects/toys a little further from his reach , this exercise encourages baby to move towards them and eventually they figure out crawling. Also being at floor hus muscle will strengthen, the more he ll use his limbs more stronger he ll be getting. Many a time baby is apprehensive of moving as he doesn't know what he is supposed to do or because he falls. Whenever he falls gently pick him up kiss and hug and let me do it again. Don't scare baby by shouting or making fuss if his falling. Let him explore on his own. Make him sit with support for longer hours. Soon he ll be happily crawling.
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Question: My baby is almost 4 months old still doesn't sleep during nights. I am fed up of sleepless nights. Pls suggest
Answer: Hi Try keeping your baby awake during evening hours like 7-9 Post that feed your baby as he must be tired as well as hungry Once your baby is content wipe him with a soft wet cloth and gently massage your baby with lotion with destress the muscles Dress him with a fresh pair of clothes swaddle your baby and dim the light Swaddling creates a womb like atmosphere and hlep baby sleep for longer duration And Pat your baby to sleep Initially it would take 30-40 mins But be consistent and gradually it would improve by a week
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