5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 months old and she is on formula milk. How often should i give milk to her and whst is the time duration between feeds?

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Answer: Hi! Your 5 months old baby shud be on demand feed, and u need to feed according to demand to the baby becz baby knows to give hunger cues..however if baby doesnt give any pls feed in 3 hrs interval minimum.. Hope this helps!
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    Remya R J693 days ago

    Thanks Tripty

Answer: It's feed on demand
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Question: My baby girl is of 5 months and she feeds with feeder so which milk should i give her
Answer: Hello! Breastmilk is the ideal milk for your baby at least till the age of 12months. In absence of breastmilk you can give formula milk. But avoid giving cow milk to your baby. It might cause indigestion, colic and loose motions. Take care
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Question: my baby is 6 months old now..she is completely on formula milk..now i feed her semi solid foods and solid foods also..and day time also give her formula..is it necessary to feed formula at night time?
Answer: Hii it is suppose that as baby stay on milk from past 6 months so they are habitaul of having milk as a last food of the day. It give proper satisfaction to the baby and they sleep well. Milk is also considered to be inducing a good sleep at night. So u should give milk before sleeping. I apply this process and my baby sleep well
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Question: my baby is 63 ds old and is on BM. how many times I have to give milk and how much gap should be given in-between feeds
Answer: Newborns need to feed many times a day. Feed your one-month-old infant at least six times a day. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you can increase the feed up to 12 times a day. Don’t try to control feeding times as your baby has an unpredictable sleeping and feeding schedule
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