5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months old and on formula. She still drinks only about 400-500 ml of formula in a day. Is this enough for her? Sometimes she goes without milk for 7-8 hrs and still wont ask. If I try to force feed she will refuse the bottle and cry. I am worried that she wont gaun weight

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Answer: Hello! Don't worry, let the baby have as per her appetite. Sometimes there is a dip in the appetite, it could be due to growth spurt, cold and cough or teething. Please do not worry as force feeding can lead to vomiting which leaves the baby tired. Hence let the baby have milk as per her requirements. Take care
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Question: Y does my 8 month child frequently cries at night i try to feed her in the night sometimes she drinks and sometines she wont
Answer: U have started solid food correct.... If she does not drink milk give her food... Fruits.
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Question: My daughter like to feed from bottle only when i give breast she refuse it and cry very much what should i do?
Answer: Dear u can try giving at night when baby is sleeping.... At that tym baby wont cry.
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Question: As my baby is 4month 13days old ..and she is in bm only and next month i ll going to join my office i try bottle feefing since 1month but baby totally refuse the bottle n cry very much .i try so best phillip bottle n so many formula milk but she totally refused ... I m worry what to do ..???
Answer: Hello dear Tricks to get baby to drink with bottle : 1. Make a bottle that feels and tastes like mom 2. Move away from mom will not remind the baby of breastfeeding 3. Add sweetener to bottle 4. Have patience and try again and again 5. Skip to cup if bottle don't work 6. Ask for expert advice if nothing helps u
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