9 months old baby

Question: Hiee my baby is 8 months old and now started going to office leaving my baby with grand parents. But my baby is continuously crying till I came back in the middle of my office. Please suggest me how to make my baby used to her grand parenta

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Answer: Hii try to make attachment with baby and grandparents. Give chance for them full caring of the baby while you are there also. Bathing, feeding, playing, talking these and all makes happy and attachment to the baby with who ever caring
Answer: Hello! Try to keep the baby in creche for some days. Check how she reacts. Sometime baby stay well in theri own age groups. Hence would request you to once see. Take care
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    naicy joy86 days ago

    Hii, try to make attachments with baby and grandparents while you there also, feeding, bathing and spending time for playing, talking this and all will make the baby attachment with some one.

Answer: It takes time adjust..hope grand parents are not knowing how to manage the baby
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