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Question: Hii.. My baby is 6 months old and I have started feeding him semi solid food like mashed banana, moong dal k paani and also given cerelac once.. But from last 3-4 days suddenly he started pooping after every feed.. Before that he used to poop after 1 day.. We are very much confused what's the reason for this!! Is this introduction of semi solid food or teething!!! Because he's also showing symptoms of teething like drooling, rubbing his gums, thora fussy bhi rehne lga h.. Pls suggest so that he can get some relief

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Answer: Actually don't give everything back to back, if u give one thing then keep giving him for few days... So u will get to know wht baby is energetic to. Something is not suitable to him.... That's it . Give one thing for a week. Another start next week... Do this weekly
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Answer: Gripe water will soothe teething pain....moreover this is for first time u are introducing ur baby to semi solid food.he will take some time to get used to it and his digestive system is yet under developed
Answer: Both also could b d reason so better u hv to keep observation on ur baby feed n activity
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Question: My baby have no teeth yet and he takes only mashed food...he often gets problem in taking solid and semi solid food what to do...as inlaws say he must take solid food like daal and chappati. He also donot accept salty meals. even donot accept bottle feedings he ko nly likes breast milk. How can i start giving him formula milk?
Answer: Hi dear, it is ok if baby is not taking solid foods, nothing to worry.... Let the baby take his time... If you want him to feed daal and chapati than you can dip chapati in daal and than mashed that with your hands and feed him with spoon.... I used to do this to my baby... You can also feed him vegetables also like this. ..yes for formula milk if he don't like than leave.... Give him normal milk that we use at home like plain buffalo milk when he is sleeping .... Give him mashed potatoes, sweet potato es, boiled vegetables with little salt and ghee, salted oats, mashed fruits with little salt... For taste even you can pour some lemon juice on that .. try new tastes for him..
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Question: My son is 10 months old.. i am trying to give him semi solid food like mashed idlis or soft chapatis but he throws up and does not want to eat . He likes pureed khichdi and other purees but does not show interest to eat semi solid food .. please help how whould i make him eat that ?
Answer: Hello dear. I experienced the same and I know how hard it is to transition them to semi and then solids. Here are few tricks that we tried with my daughter when she was REALLY little and ate hardly anything: Offer soft foods cut up in small pieces. He might be more inclined to actually put a soft bite of banana in his mouth than a crunchy cracker. Bananas, cooked peas and carrots, avocado, plain cooked macaroni, etc. And cut them smaller than you think necessary. Sometimes it helped to give my daughter a spoon and let her try to feed herself. She was more likely to keep it in her mouth, chew, and swallow it. Offer the new food first when he's really, truly hungry. Maybe while you're prepping breakfast, sit him in his high chair and give him a few bites of the banana to look at/play with/attempt to eat while you chop up the rest of the banana to go in his breakfast. Remain Calm. If you are anxious at mealtimes, he absolutely will pick up on that. With our daughter we knew she couldeat other things, she just didn't want to eat some of them. She's almost 4 now and her diet isn't amazing, but it varies more now than it did even 6 months ago, and every few months we're able to add a few more foods and textures to her diet. If you aren't seeing some kind of improvement over the next few months then you should definitely see doctor to determine if he needs to be assessed for any developmental issues. Hope this helps.
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Question: How to know that baby s tummy is full..i give my son semi solid food..but after dat also he want bn...
Answer: Hi dear, we all have this doubt that if baby's tummy full or not and we sometime try to either force baby to take more or stop before the tummy full. here are few signs I have listed as per my experience with babies: Closing lips. Just as a hungry baby suckles readily, a full baby zips his lips, as if to say, "No more, thanks." Turning his head away. A more forceful version of closing his lips is to move his entire head away from the food source. If your baby turns away from your breast or a bottle, you shouldn't force him to eat. Decreasing or stopping sucking. Some full babies will stay latched on to the nipple but not suck any more—at which point, it's time to gently end the session. Spitting out the nipple or falling asleep when full. After about 15 to 20 minutes of feeding, a full baby will often act drowsy and may even fall asleep. Showing increasing interest in surroundings rather than eating. At around 4 months old many babies begin to get distracted during feedings, as their awareness of the world around them grows. A hungry baby will put this curiosity on hold long enough to feel sated. When he begins looking around more distractedly, it's a sign he's had plenty.
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