8 months old baby

Question: My baby is 8 months old and his weight is 6.5kgs.is it okay? I think he is low weight. What should I do to increase his weight

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Answer: I can understand how worried you must be Diet plays a major role in healthy weight gain of baby See that baby gets dairy products such as whole milk, curd, paneer, chess for calcium which is needed for baby bone and teeth All vegetables fruits especially seasonal fruits help a lot in development of baby De worming also helps a lot for healthy weight gain if baby by removing worms Some babies will be lower in weight due to heridetary Nothing to worry as long as baby is active Take care
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Question: My baby is 14 months old his weight is 8.5 kg only. What should I do to increase his weight..
Answer: Hii Moong dal and urad dal help a lot to gain weight in  babies & toddlers. Urad dal is a power house of nutrients, high 1n calcium and protein and also EFA(essentia1 fatty acids) that help to develop the brain. Include dal preferably moong dal or tuvar dal in lunch or breakfast every day. Do not mix dal with yogurt or milk. Just a simple vegetable dal rice khichdi and idli works great for kids in gaining weight.  Give egg milk soya bean. Oats to baby in regular diet. Kidney bean ,black bean, while grain cereals bread rice all has to be include. Give food to the toddler at small intervals. Don't offer too much food at a time. Keep 2-3 hours break. Give in small amounts. It is advised to feed the toddler 6 times in a day. Toddlers have low iron levels which makes them prone to anemia.  Encourage activities to increase the toddler's height. If the toddler is inactive then they become lazy and this decreases their body growth and development. Take them out and play with them. Include calcium in the toddler diet to strengthen their bones and promote height growth of toddlers. Dairy products are rich in calcium. Zinc rich food not only increases the toddler weight but also their height. Oysters, fish, meat, watermelon seeds, peanuts and dark chocolate are few zinc rich food. 
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Question: hiii my baby is 8 months old and his haemoglobin is too low what should I do to increase haemoglobin
Answer: Children who are in the age bracket of 7-12 months need 11 mg / day of iron.. Methi / fenugreek leaves / uluva is enriched with iron and can be introduced in the form of methi parathas, methi dal etc. Spinach is the easily available form of iron. Spinach can also be provided to babies in the form of spinach soup, spinach dal, curries etc. An excellent source of the adequate iron required for a human body. Rajgira ladoos are an excellent way of providing iron to your babies and toddlers liver, fish, eggs, bajra, brown rice, ragi, green peas,soyabean, dry fruits,rice flakes,jaggery, betroot,oats, tofu, sweet potato are rich in iron..
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Question: What should i do to increase my baby boy weight? He is 1yr&5 months old and his weight is just 9.5kg.. His birth weight is 2.8 kg
Answer: Hello dear. Your baby weight is ok...no need for too much worry. Focus on diet so that we can improve the weight... You can give give below items to your baby for weight gain Breakfast Milk..cereals..upma..poha...cheese omlet..boiled egg..oats..cheese sandwich.. Lunch Daal...green vegetables..roti with ghee..curd...different vegetable paratha...salads...grated paneer...paneer paratha Dinner Dosa...khichdi...daliya...daal rice..jeera rice..pasta....raagi porridge Fruit serving : 2-3 fruit servings in a day...You can take directly or in form of juices..smoothies...you can take apple...banana...pears..plums..papaya
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