10 months old baby

Question: My baby is 10 months old and his penis size is very small....m asking this bcz I heard two old ladies telling me this....does this affects anything or do I have to take him to the doctor

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Answer: Penis size differs there is nothing to worry as long as testicle are well descended and there is no use in urination in some cases Penis skin contracts and is due to health condition and environmental people commenting are no expert chek with a pedestrian and take advice bye take care
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    prachu ghone191 days ago


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Question: My baby penis is very small in size is this matter of concern should i consult this with doctor....??
Answer: Consult with doctor but dont worry it happens sometimes there can be any problem in increasing its size. Doctor will take care of it
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Question: My baby has 10 months old. His poop is very hard & too smell,,he poops 3 days once ,daily I give him banana. Should i take him to doctor .please advise doctor .
Answer: It is advisable for you to take your baby to doctor coz it's not a good sign and the child would be facing problems in passing hard stools.
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Question: Tummy size very small. But doctor said fetal movements are normal. I m afraid fetud does nt have enough space.
Answer: First up all congrats....don't worry about tummy size....baby will make it own space....and as he grows....u r tummy size also increases....
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