2 years old baby

Question: My baby is 2yrs 4 months old..and he is taking food only with watching YouTube cartoons..otherwise he will avoid food..pls give me tips..

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Answer: Dear You may want to get him out of this habit quickly as it is quite addictive and you would be aware of all the repercussions of eating in front of tv !  1)   For a good cause, lying is not bad.   So, initially, say that TV is not working or that there is no power and then try to feed him with the following methods.  But dont get frustrated if he eats less than what he eats if he is in front of TV - slowly the amount will increase and it is a worthwhile sacrifice to get him out of the habit.    Importantly, Tell yourself / convince yourself that TV is not an available option for you or for the kid at all !  )  Nothing like our traditional way of feeding - show moon in the night and tell a story (the more outrageous and unbelievable it is, the quicker the food goes in!); in daytime, keep him in a place where he can see outside world - birds, trees, dogs, people going about, engage in conversation or tell a story and feed him.    Could be balcony.  Give him small rewards for eating on time and without watching tv - reward could be the time to watch tv after he finishes eating.  Or the star system, after he is little big - basically, give him a big sheet, ask him to give himself a star whenever he finishes eating and end of a week/month, count the stars and buy a gift.   But there is a subtle difference between bribing and rewards - you need to be careful of that boundary. 
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    prakash Mahi27 days ago

    I tried almost..but he shows angry with me..can't control..what can i do mam😥

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Answer: Food should be very runny like milk. Start with 1 spoon first. As they drink only breast milk till now they may not ready for other foods. Starting food which is runny may help.
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Answer: Hi! Its because the of the texture, since no texture was not introduced at an early age he is used to have pureed food. Try giving finger food instead. Big enough for him to hold and chomp. Something soft like a piece of ripe guava, or cooked carrot or pumpkin, or steamed apple. Let him hold and eat it. Even better is something crunchy that breaks up easily in the mouth like a paper dosa or rawa uttapam. It is normal to gag when they first start solids (puree does not really count in terms of texture) is very normal. It will gradually get better as he gets used to manipulate the food in the mouth. But if you leave it too long, the gag reflex is actually going to stay further so it is more difficult for baby to make the transition. Hope this helps!
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