6 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 months old.... And he is popping 4or 5 times a day in green color.... Help me with some redme... And why his pop color is green?

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Answer: Dear This happens when there is an improper mixing of foremilk and hindmilk. Foremilk (milk which comes out first) has a low-fat constitution and is rich in lactose. Hindmilk (comes out after foremilk), on the other hand, is rich in fat. Together, they form a perfect blend that is required for the baby’s diet. However, when there is an abundance of foremilk, the baby is full before she can get to the hindmilk. This causes digestive problems as there may not be enough lactase to break down the lactose leading to a green coloured stool.
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    shahrukh bangulzai92 days ago

    Thand lagne se bhi bache ki poopp green clr ki ho jati hai..

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Question: My 4 months old baby is formula fed and his poop color some times dark green and some times yellow
Answer: Hi! Nothing to worry about, its common in babies. You only worry when the poop is black, white or red, Or there is no poop even after 10 days. If the frequency of green potty in a day increases or even if loosies are occuring, then chances of stomach infection can be there. My paed said that since everything goes into baby's mouth, sometimes green potty occurs. However please check the following; *If baby has cold? *If baby is on Iron drops *The green can be due to the iron content of the formula milk you are offering. * Infection which can cause from the bottle or nipple if not washed properly. Please see a Doctor if baby shows discomfort. Good luck!
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Question: my baby is 5 months old and he is doing green color potty three times a day..what is the reason..and what should I do
Answer: 1) It can be bcoz --- if you giving formula, the high iron content in formula causes green poop 2) As the baby is now putting his/ her hands everywhr and the same in his mouth, chances of germs entering , and hence stomach infection..( not worrisome though unless n until its watery n frothy) Still consult paediac for assurance..A Stool test may be done.. 3) Just check if your baby has cold or cough because the mucus too causes poop to go green... 4) You eating spinach or coriander or such food doesnt affect your babys poop..!! Take care...
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Question: My baby is doing green color potty in 4-5 times a day what I do
Answer: Consistently green stools in the breastfed baby can indicate an imbalance of foremilk/hindmilk, often resulting in frothygreen stools. So make your baby take feed for long. Foremilk is the starting flow of bf and hindmilk is the end flow.vith are equally important for baby.  If your baby is on iron supplements as suggested by your pediatrician, his/her poop can be dark green in color. It is the side effect due to the result of unabsorbed iron by the baby’s body. simple cold can also the reason for the green poop in babies.green color means his mucus I'd coming out from body. Also possible if mom has eaten food with green color.  Plz check and if u find above answer helpful do revert. All the best
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Question: My baby boy has 3.5 months old. His pooping is getting green color some times and he is pooping 20 times per day.could you please tell.is it normal?
Answer: Hi no its normal, consult peaditrician
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