14 months old baby

Question: My baby is 13 months old and he did poop everytime while eating..... What should i do please replr

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Question: My baby is 9 months old and he doesn't poop daily. What can i do for daily poop
Answer: It's normal for babies.. Give him dal ka pani and khichdi..
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Question: My baby is 8.5 month old and he is not eating properly.. what should i do ?
Answer: Hi.. It is the problem with most of the kids. I hope your baby is taking proper breast feed. Other than that, you need to give him, mashed bananas, ragi porridge, vegetable porridge, cooked cereal water (dal ka pani), other than this, try feeding him with mashed boiled potatoes inclusive of salt, pepper and ghee in it. I think he will like it, most of the babies love it. You can also try fruit smoothies and vegetable soup. Without experimenting, you will not understand his taste buds. Once you will get to know what he likes, you can make dishes using that food source.
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Question: My babies weight is very less he is 13 months old what should i do
Answer: Hi.. You can include carbohydrate filled food in his /her diet. For example, mashed potatoes, well cooked boiled rice, cereals, sweet potatoes, beet roots, oranges, blueberries, bananas. Analyse the food sources he/she likes, they you can experiment with the dishes, to suffice the taste buds of your child.
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