5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 months now, he got loose motion from yesterday what should I do , only breastfeeding for him till I didn't gave water also

Answer: Hi dear Breast-fed babies usually pass from 4 stools per day to 1 after each feeding. The stools are normally liquid. However, if your baby'sstools abruptly increase in number, your babyprobably has diarrhea. The bowel movements of most breastfed babies tend to be very loose, yellow, and seedy. Although they may resemble what we would consider diarrhea, this is actually totally normal. ... The real worry with too much diarrhea is dehydration, and young babies can get dehydrated very quickly So since baby is allergic to some food item that you have been consuming. So try to reduce spicy oily food. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 5 months loose motion for him , breastfeed only , what I give him
Answer: Hi,dint worry dear you should continue to give her BM as it has all the necessary antioxidants too You should have yoghurt .sabudana Have ginger honey paste Have rice About wheat . All this will help
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Question: till what months should i keep my baby only on breastfeeding..he is 4+ now..
Answer: Upto 6 months thr should b nothing instead of breast feeding nt even drop of water
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Question: My baby is having fever from yesterday and he is feeling weak what to do?? I gave him medicines also
Answer: Sponge ur bsby with lukewarm salted water leaving out the head, chest n back. n keep in touch with ur ped
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