6 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5 months now...he do not sleep the whole day...hardly 1-2 hours from 7am to 8pm... since he was 2 months old

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Answer: Hi,you should try to give good massage to tour baby and after giving warm water bath make tour baby sleep after feeding the baby,also you should keep the temperature nof the room normal so that baby feels comfortable and cozy.aboid sound in the room.rhis should help
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    Komal Bharadwaj197 days ago

    Thank u

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Question: my baby is not sleeping.. he has hardly slept 1 hr since last 7 hrs. he is 4 months old.. is this sleep regression? what to do ?
Answer: Following tips might be of help – • Dim lights & have relaxing & calming effect on baby • Instead of complete silence, you can try soft sounds or very soft music which will make the baby fall asleep quickly • Maintain right room temperature • Keep the surrounding clean & less of any distraction • Make your child wear comfortable clothes at night • Give your baby massage morning and once at night. • check if baby if not having cold or congestion issue, as it can disturb sleep • Feed your baby nicely for little longer so that once babys tummy is full, he feel sleepy
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Question: my baby is 6 days old,he sleeps whole day and whole night,he hardly drinks milk..what to do?
Answer: hello.. dear many congratulations for parenthood.. generally new borns will sleep more during day and night time.. you need wake him up and feed him for every 3 hours..and take burp as well..
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Question: Hi my baby is four months old he was sleep at nyt calmly buy he was not sleeping in day time he sleep only 1 or 2 hours in day and he was not showing much interest on feeding but its pee count is 6 + plz give me a suggestion wt is the correct sleeping scudule of the 4 months old baby
Answer: 4 mon old child will not sleep much in the day time. Maybe 5 hrs throughout day . It's not showing much interest on feeding . Child is exploring the world paying attention to all other things unlike till 3 mon. And babies demand feed to be given until urine output and weight gain is normal
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