4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months now. Can i give her any food other than breast milk?

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Answer: Hii.. Yes you can give formula milk other then breast milk. But breast milk is best food for developing baby up-to 6 months of age. Take care
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Question: My baby is 2 months and 26 days old, other than breast milk can I give her any thing?
Answer: Hi dear, till 6 months bfeed ur baby it's best. All water and nutrients are fulfilled . Breast milk contains antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria. Breastfeeding lowers your baby's risk of having asthma or allergies. Plus, babies who are breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months, without any formula, have fewer ear infections, respiratory illnesses, and bouts of diarrhea
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Question: My baby is 4 months old, wat else I can give other than breast milk
Answer: Hi dear, Right now your baby is mere 4 months,please restrict to breastmilk only.it is not advisable to start solid food or even water before baby reaches 6 months.their digestive system is weak and still in developing stage.introducing early solid food could put more stress on their body and they could fall sick.
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Question: My baby is 5 months old can i feed her other food other than milk
Answer: Hello, Mix cereal with 4 to 5 teaspoons breast milk or formula.It will be very runny Increase to 1 tablespoon of pureed food, or 1 tablespoon of cereal mixed with breast milk or formula, twice a day. If you're giving cereal, gradually thicken the consistency by using less liquid.
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