10 months old baby

Question: My baby is 10 months i have concieved again n i am 2 months pregnant...im confused that shoud i carry on or abort this pregnancy..please advise

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Answer: Please don't think of abortion, baby is God gift so you are blessed with that gift... Enjoy motherhood once again
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Question: My baby is 7months 26days old ..I started my normal period after 2months 13days .. in this month June I got my period at 14june...again on 26june started bleeding frequently ...is there any problem or is it normally ?
Answer: Hi dear, This is your first period after delivery means it happens there is no problem in this nothing to worry dear. Actually at starting of periods after delivery so much blood loss will happen like more than 15 days or even month. This process may repeat more by coming months also this is only because from pregnancy to delivery, periods as stopped for so many months and so much of waste blood should release so it happens. Hope u understood the reason behind this. Thank you
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Question: Today by mistake I had taken folic acid tablet instead of thyroid tablet... After that I take my thyroid tablet... This is first time... Will it affect me or my pregnancy... I am 9 week pregnant
Answer: Dear this depends on how your body reacts I just hope it does not affect firstly I am should not be taken on empty stomach because it is a very heavy medicine and can cause side effect secondly missing your thyroid left which can alter your thyroid levels. Well just praying for your well being take care next time
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Question: Hii... Im 33 weeks pregnant.... During early morning or night time, when i sleep on my left side, baby is giving different type of strong and fast movements which im getting fear of that... Is that normal??? Why am getting that type of harsh movements???
Answer: Ur baby is well developed at this stage.... And now it will have it's own routine.... At that time ur baby will be active.. So u feel movement harsh
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